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Growing up, Todd Huschka heard many people say he was lucky to have his mother’s perfect eyes. But at age 36, he was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Unfortunately, they rapidly grew worse and within six months, Todd could barely see. He had to have surgery that replaced his clouded natural lenses with new manufactured lenses for distance. Like many cataract patients, Todd lost his ability to focus at close range and required reading glasses.


In May of 2010, he conceived a pair of readers like no other. With one sketch and a finished prototype in hand, he single-handedly transformed the look and functionality of reading glasses forever. With his vision in hand, he set out to create a brand after his own namesake, Huschka Vision. Now as the inventor of over 100 US Lens Design Patents, Todd’s revolutionary eyeglass lens shapes are about to change the perception of reading glasses for good. This merger of fashion and function is a testament to Huschka’s background in design. “As a designer, I believe that designs should be beautiful, unique, and useful all at once, and that’s exactly what Huschka Vision eyewear represents”.


For as long as they’ve been around, reading glasses have basically had the same design with little room for individuality and self-expression. Huschka Vision is the first brand to truly change up the game with a concave lens shape that is not only more functional but more stylish. These glasses have the added benefit of not hiding the wearer’s eyes and actually fostering eye contact with others. With the ability to wear them up higher on the nose bridge, it allows you to look over them without having to tilt your head down easing neck strain. These are for everyone—reading never looked so cool!

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