Mens Unisex Readers

How to wear these funky reading glasses?

We designed these glasses to accomplish a very simple 2-in-1 solution. Being able to easily look down and read while easily being able to look up and see distance viewing over the top of them. As with all reading glasses it’s about finding the right position and comfort level for you, and more importantly that “sweet spot”.

Huschka Vision reading glasses are not worn down on your nose like conventional readers. This will not accomplish your 2-in-1 goal and frankly they will look wrong on your face. So start by trying them on at the very top of your nose, like you were wearing conventional glasses or sunglasses—then you slowly slide them down bit-by-bit until you hit your “sweet spot”.

One common mistake is to have your nose pads too close together, causing the glasses to sit way up on your nose. We will ship the glasses with the nose pads separated so the glasses ride better on your nose and closer to your face. However, it may not be perfect for your “sweet spot” or comfort, so a simple arranging of the nose pads will make your Huschka Vision reading glasses look and work amazing. Huschka Vision eyewear is all about Form and Function—so with some simple adjustments to suit your face you will be on your way to experience a cooler way of reading and seeing!